Understanding Your Cat

Understanding Your Cat - Gardening Book

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Understanding Your Cat

by Dr. Michael W. Fox

ISBN 0312071078
221 pages; B&W photographs throughout; Paperback.

The complete and updated guide to your cat's
health, safety, and psychological well-being

Prominent veterinarian and animal behavior expert Michael Fox answers questions from "What makes cats purr?" to "Is declawing the safest and most humane way to save the furniture?" Practical and informative, the guide unveils the mysteries of the feline world, and analyzes every aspect of the cat, from the nest instincts in newborn kittens to the psychological and emotional impact of neutering and declawing adolescent cats.

About the Author
Dr. Michael W. Fox, who holds a veterinary degree and a doctorate of psychology from London University, writes monthly columns on pet care, some of which run nationally. He lectures widely and is the Vice President of the Humane Society of the United States in Washington.

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