Plant Propagation A to Z: Growing Plants for Free

Plant Propagation A to Z: Growing Plants for Free - Gardening Book

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Plant Propagation A to Z
Growing Plants for Free

224 pp, 500 color photographs, 71/2 x 10, laminated hardcover.
Author: Geoff Bryant

In Plant Propagation A to Z, over 500 photographs illustrate both practical step-by-step propagation techniques and the plants themselves. More than 1,000 garden plants are covered in the extensive tables, detailing the specific propagation techniques to use -- seed, cutting or division -- for each plant. More specialized propagation methods are also described, including layering, grafting, and even growing ferns from spores. Information on germination time, strike rate, time of year to propagate, and temperature required is given, with specific instructions covering 500 popular garden ornamentals.

  • Plant Propagation A to Z gives practical advice to:
  • Decide the right technique to use
  • Determine the best time to propagate
  • Learn specialized propagation methods
  • Choose the right equipment

Easy-to-use and informative, Plant Propagation A to Z is an essential gardening reference book that will be used time and again.

About the author
Geoff Bryant has been a plant propagator and hybridizer for 25 years, specializing in ornamental shrubs. Now a fulltime garden writer and photographer, he has written or contributed to a dozen gardening books.

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