List of Common Garden Plants

Garden plants that are tall and have dense foliage serve as privacy screens and keep the house and garden safe from prying neighbors and passersby. Flowering plants create a pleasant, colorful and welcoming vista, and some varieties fill the garden with gentle fragrance. Vegetable and fruit plants produce fresh vegetables and fruits that can be consumed or sold. There are a number of common plants that can be easily grown in the garden that will satisfy some or all of the above functions.


The ambiguity of whether the tomato is a vegetable or a fruit does not make it any less popular as an easy to grow plant for the garden. Tomato is a plant that has very specific requirements, and it will thrive as long as these requirements are met. Tomatoes require plenty of strong direct sunlight and need to be watered regularly. Tomatoes can adapt to most soils but it is best to add some organic nutrition to the soil in the form of manure or compost. The plant requires a small space to grow and bears fruit repeatedly. Tomatoes are consumed and used in a number of ways. They are also very good sources of vitamins.


Privet shrubs are the most common type of plant used as hedges. Depending on the variety, they can be evergreen or deciduous. Privets bear very dense foliage that is conducive to being pruned into a hedge. The plant can also be pruned into artistic shapes if the gardener has the skill and the aptitude. Privet is a very adaptable plant. It favors full sunlight and needs soil with good organic nutrition but manages to do well in shade too. The lush and dense foliage means that it provides privacy like no other plant.


Geranium is an easy growing flowering plant that adds color to the garden with its beautiful flowers. Geraniums are available in a number of different colors and varieties and may be annuals, biennials or perennials. Geranium grows in most types of soil and requires soil that drains well. Geraniums prefer strong sunlight, and the best flowers are produced when they receive ample sunlight. Most types of geraniums are grown from seed. The best time to plant them is just after the chance of frost has passed. Water and fertilize the plants well to enjoy a full bloom of flowers in the summer.

Devil's Ivy

Devil's Ivy is an evergreen creeper that grows only with support. This plant is best suited to be grown along the top or sides of a garden wall or along a fence. The plant has a soft and pliable stem that grows around stakes or other forms of support. The plant will thrive in direct sunlight. The plant can be started from shoots and can be trained to crawl along any supporting structure. Devil's ivy also grows in a basket and can be made to grow vertically upwards by coaxing it around a vertical pillar.

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