How to Maintain an Intex Frame Set Pool

Intex pools provide an affordable solution to people who don’t want a permanent pool or can’t afford the cost of a permanent above-ground pool. Maintaining your pool is the key to getting the most out of it. With proper maintenance, these pools can last for many years.


Maintain an Intex Frame Set Pool

Step 1

Before you put up the pool, find a spot in your yard that is as level as possible. The Frame Set pools are more forgiving than the Intex Easy Set pools if your yard isn’t exactly level, but it is still best to try to find the most level area.

Step 2

Check for tears in the pool floor and walls each year. Repair any tears with the patch that came with the pool. Be sure to allow sufficient time for the patch to dry before you begin filling up the pool.

Step 3

Periodically check to be sure that all the pins holding the frame in place are completely pushed down.

Step 4

When you set up the pool, shock the pool with more shock than you normally do to get the free chlorine at the right level. Because water from your tap has little or no chlorine in it, extra chlorine is necessary when you first fill your pool. A floating chlorine dispenser will help maintain the chlorine level, but doesn’t contain enough chlorine to keep the pool at the appropriate level.

Step 5

Check the chemical levels every few days using testing strips available at any pool store. Shock the pool when necessary. Keeping the proper concentrations of chlorine and PH will keep your pool from developing algae. Use an algaecide weekly. If you have a problem with the water in your pool, many pool stores will do their own analysis of the water for free and suggest products to clear up the water.

Step 6

Check the screws on the ladder from time to time to make sure that they are still tight. Also make sure that the plastic feet at the bottom of the ladder have not slipped off.

Step 7

Vacuum the pool on a regular basis. In addition to removing leaves and other debris, vacuuming can also remove algae particles. There are many vacuums available and you do not have to use the vacuum that came with your pool.

Step 8

Check the pump every day to make sure that it is running properly. Clean out the filter with a hose at least every few days. A clean filter means a cleaner pool. Be sure to clean out the skimmer also.

Step 9

Use a cover on your pool to prevent leaves and bugs from falling into the pool. A solar cover can help keep your pool several degrees warmer.

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