How to Create a Perfumed Garden

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A perfumed garden is one that is planted with fragrant flowers or bushes. The perfumed garden provides natural scents to enhance the garden and home. A wide variety of plants from bulbs and shrubs to lilies and rose bushes offer wonderful scents. Create a perfumed garden with these easy tips.


Step 1

Design your garden for fragrant plantings. For a small garden, two or three fragrant plantings near the home will perfume the air. For a larger garden, aromatic shrubs, flowers and bushes scent the garden around the year. The garden should be a mixture of fragrant and unscented plants to get the most benefit from scented plants.

Step 2

Choose from roses, lavender, lilies and jasmines for robust fragrances. One jasmine plant can perfume a walkway or porch. Trailing or climbing roses spread fragrance the full length of the bush. Strong-scented Oriental lilies add garden fragrance and make excellent cut flowers.

Step 3

Select vines to cover an arbor or trellis. Fragrant perennial vines include honeysuckle, passion flower, wisteria and jasmine. Be careful in selecting honeysuckle as some varieties like Hall's or Japanese Honeysuckle are extremely invasive plants. Pick seasonal flowers like climbing sweet peas and morning glories to cover a wall or trellis with beautiful and fragrant flowers. They are fast-growing and can climb a net to provide summer shade to the deck or patio.

Step 4

Choose touchable herbs for a year-round fragrance. Lavenders, sage and mint foliage can be brushed or touched to release their aroma. Basil, chamomile and lemon balm are wonderful aromatic herbs. Plant them among flowers or along borders and walks.

Step 5

Use a variety of plantings. Make hedges of aromatic plants such as gardenia, rosemary and mock orange. Plant flowers such as verbena, carnations and hyacinths. Groundcovers such as thyme and oregano give off herbal fragrance and are excellent for planting at walkways. Check the local garden center for a full range of regional plants.

Step 6

Take small steps in planting a perfumed garden. A lilac may smell delectable as a single flower, but a full blooming bush next to the house may be overpowering. Be ready to replace a too-fragrant plant with one less aromatic. Enjoy your perfumed garden and remember the words of poet Heinrich Heine, "Perfumes are the feelings of flowers."

Tips and Warnings

Plant fragrant flowers or shrubs in a garden pot or planter. Move the plant to shift the fragrance zone. Bees and wasps often seek out aromatic blossoms. Be careful around blooming plants.

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