How to Create Print Birthday Invitations

Making personalized birthday party invitations is not only a creative way to get the perfect invitations, it is also cheaper then buying the manufactured cards.


Step 1

Purchase greeting card software, heavy card stock paper, envelopes and some confetti at your favorite store. The card stock can be any color you wish but the plain white is suitable for most birthday party invitations themes.

Step 2

Install the greeting card software that you have purchased for the personalized birthday party invitations per the directions on the software. You will need to do a full install of the software if you are a new user, to use all software features.

Step 3

Choose your theme, for your personalized birthday party invitations. If these invitations are for a child's party, ask for the child’s input as to what he or she would like as a theme. Greeting card software titles currently have a huge number of clip art images that you can use to create the perfect birthday party invitations. However, you can also go ahead and download various clipart, which is found around the internet if you want to find something truly unique.

Step 4

Design your personalized birthday invitations, adding an image to the front of the card. Add the party details such as date, time, place and do not forget to add the guest of honor’s name to the card. Be sure to include a phone number or email address so guests can respond to the invitation. Once the wording is all on the birthday party invitation you can change the style of lettering (font) as well as the color of the letters to better fit the theme.

Step 5

Print a copy of the birthday party invitation on regular paper to make sure it is suitable before you make too many copies. If something does not appear correct, change it and print another test copy. Once everything appears fine in the test copy, print as many copies of the cards as you need.

Step 6

Fold your invitations and slide them into the envelopes. Add pieces of themed confetti into the envelope before sealing it. You can hand these out or address them, add a stamp and mail them to guests.

Things You'll Need

Computer with printer, Greeting card software, Heavy card stock, Envelopes, Confetti (birthday or a themed type)
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