How to Make an Angel With a Pine Cone

Pine cones are an increasingly popular craft material for creating ornaments, displays and even decorations. As with most natural crafting materials, part of the beauty of crafting with pine cones is that no two final creations ever look the same. What's more, it is an opportunity to bring some of the outdoors into your home. Make an Angel with a pine cone, which you can hang from a tree, a door sign, Christmas tree or even a window.


Step 1

Choose a relatively small pine cone with open petals. Ideally, it should be wide at the base, and narrow toward the tip. This gives a more flattering silhouette to the angel and is better suited for a hanging ornament.

Step 2

Spread newspapers out in an open area with proper ventilation. Lightly spray the pine cone with a spray paint in gold or silver. Spray form the top of the cone downwards. Focus on gently misting the edges of the pine cone "petals" rather than spray painting the entire cone a solid color.

Step 3

Cut a 4 to 5 inch piece of white paper streamer to form the wings. Gently mist the edges of each side of your "wings" with the spray paint. Pinch the center together and use the hot glue to attach the wings to the pine cone.

Step 4

Paint the wooden ball in flesh-toned paint. Allow it to dry. Paint on the angel's face. Glue on some Spanish moss to the head for hair.

Step 5

Cut a short length of thin gold cord, gold rickrack or a miniature grape vine wreath. Form it into a circular shape and attach it to the back of your angle's head with a dab of glue to serve as the angel's halo.

Step 6

Use your hot glue gun to attach the angel's head to the bottom, larger end of the pine cone. Snip off a petal or two for the bottom to make room, if necessary.

Step 7

Tie or hot glue invisible thread such as fishing line to one of the pine cone's petals, close to the angel's head. Hang up your pine cone angel.

Tips and Warnings

If you do this project with your child, substitute craft glue for the hot glue gun for safety purposes.

Things You'll Need

Pine cone, Newspapers, Spray paint, silver or gold , White paper party streamer, Hot glue gun, Small wooden ball (available in craft stores), Paint , Spanish moss, Craft glue, Gold cord, gold rickrack or a miniature grape vine wreath, Invisible thread like fish line

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