How to Make a White Gardenia Wreath

This gorgeous white gardenia wreath will bring romance to your Christmas gatherings with its delicate lacy appearance. Display it to create a stunning focal point in any room or add to the guest rooms to enhance the the atmosphere and provide warmth. Made with dried white gardenias, roses and baby’s breath atop an evergreen base this wreath is sure to become a family favorite.


Step 1

Purchase an artificial evergreen wreath. You can usually find an inexpensive wreath it the dollar store prior to the Christmas season. Choose one that is plump and sturdy as this will be the base for your wreath. Cover you work area with a layer of recycled newspapers.

Step 2

Spray the wreath lightly with white acrylic spray paint. Use care not to coat it too heavily. The wreath should have the appearance of a dusting of snow. Select several pine cones, gum balls, or other decorative nuts and spray them silver. Allow it to dry completely.

Step 3

Pour white craft glue into a shallow pan or plate. Select 5 or 6 well-formed white gardenias. Remove stems from the blooms leaving a stub at the back. Dip the back of the gardenia in the white glue and press it in place on the wreath. Space the gardenias randomly around the wreath.

Step 4

Choose several white roses and several rosebuds. Remove the stems and dip them in white glue. Position the roses between the gardenias. Add silver cones and nuts at intervals by dipping in glue and holding in place. Tuck sprigs of baby's breath or white statice among the flowers. Add a large ivory bow with long streamers to the top. Drape the ends of the ribbon over the wreath and glue it in place, if preferred. Display it above the mantle or in any room to provide a soft holiday accent.

Step 5

Store it in an airtight plastic container with a loose covering of tissue paper when it is not in use to prevent damage from moisture.

Tips and Warnings

Use a fresh evergreen wreath for a base and spray it lightly with artificial snow for a sensational Christmas wreath. Give the wreath as a gift to bring holiday cheer to any home. Always work in a well-ventilated area when using spray paint.

Things You'll Need

Artificial wreath, Dried white/ivory flowers (gardenia, roses, baby's breath), White spray paint, Silver spray paint, Cones, seedpods, nuts, Ivory bow

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