Most Common House Plants in Alabama

Houseplants are commonly used to add to the decor of a home. Color and fragrance can be added to a room, while blooms, textures and foliage can bring balance and harmony to the interior design of the room. In addition, houseplants humidify dry air and absorb air pollutants, depending on the type. In southern states, such as Alabama, a variety of houseplants are widely seen decorating the homes of residents.

African Violet

African violets are non-toxic flowers that grow year round. In southern states, such as Alabama, they are commonly used as houseplants because of their ability to survive in areas that do not have direct sunlight. African violets must be watered with tepid water when the top of the soil around the plant is dry. Overwatering will kill the plant. Regular fertilization is also required for survival.


Croton is a type of houseplant common in Alabama that grows to be six to 24 inches in height. They produce large, glossy, oval shaped leaves that may be green, yellow, pink, red, purple, bronze or a combination of these colors. Croton plants grow year round and require pruning during the springtime. Ingestion of croton plants can result in diarrhea or vomiting because of its mildly toxic nature.

Peace Lily

Growth of peace lily plants requires an area of part sun and part shade, making it among the most common houseplants in Alabama. Greenish or white flowers that may be fragrant, depending on the species, are produced by peace lilies. Plants should be watered about once a week with room temperature water. Fertilization is only required once a month or so. Every year or two the plant should be repotted in new soil.

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