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Vegetables That Grow Easily in Alabama

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There are many vegetables that can grow in Alabama, but some cultivators are a little easier to grow than others and can be planted twice during the year. The type of cultivar, time it takes to mature and planting dates will help determine what plants you can grow for a successful harvest.


Tomato cultivators to plant in Alabama include sweet Chelsea, small fry, Monte Carlo, husky gold, April celebrity, big beef, better boy and Atkinson. The plants can be planted in the spring during April and again in July for a fall harvest. The plants mature in 70 to 90 days.


Radish varieties to plant in Alabama include white icicle, scarlet globe and cherry belle. The first planting dates are between February 1 and April 1 for a spring harvest and again between September 1 and October 15 for a fall harvest. The plants mature in 25 to 30 days after planting.


There are different types of potatoes to grow in Alabama. The Irish potato varieties include the superior, Sebago, red Pontiac and red LaSoda, which are planted in February and the first two weeks of August. It takes about 70 to 90 days for the plants to mature. The sweet potato plant varieties include the red jewel, Georgia red and Beauregard, which can be planted on April 15 and again on June 15. It takes between 90 to 120 days for the plants to mature.


Peas are another vegetable that will grow well in Alabama. The garden pea cultivators include victory freezer, snappy, green arrow and little marvel. These plants can be planted in February and take 60 to 70 days to mature. The southern pea varieties include freeze green, Mississippi silver, Mississippi purple, purple hull and pinkeye purple. The plants can be planted in April and again in July. The harvest time is 60 to 70 days.


The cultivators for beans include bush snap beans such as contender, green crop and derby. The pole snap bean varieties include dade, Kentucky blue and Kentucky wonder. The lima bean varieties include fordhook 242, baby fordhook and Henderson. The pole lima bean cultivators include king of the garden, Carolina sieva and Florida speckled. The planting dates range between April 10 and May 15. The maturity dates are between 50 to 75 days for the snap beans and 65 to 85 days for the lima beans. Fall planting days start in late July or the first week of August.

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