How to Make a Greenhouse in an Attic


Looking for a spot to grow seedlings while the weather is still chilly? An attic is a great place for a greenhouse because it's warm and out of the way of daily activities. Setting up a basic greenhouse is simple enough for a lay person, and you might be able to find most of the materials around the house. The only things you'll probably have to buy are shop lights and full-spectrum grow bulbs.

How to Make a Greenhouse in an Attic

Step 1

Decide how to protect the floor from water --- for example, you can put down plastic sheeting or a board that has been waterproofed with a sealant.

Step 2

Find a spot in your attic close to an electrical outlet, and lay down the flooring. Set up plastic or metal shelves along three sides.

Step 3

Put a board across the top shelves and attach a shop light outfitted with a full-spectrum grow bulb (available online and at garden supply stores). Depending on the size of your greenhouse, you might want to install additional lights.

Step 4

Plug the lights into an automatic timer and the timer into the nearby electrical outlet.

Step 5

Cover your greenhouse with plastic sheeting to retain even temperature and humidity levels. Cut a flap to make an entrance.

Things You'll Need

  • Plastic sheeting and/or board
  • Shelves
  • Light timer
  • Shop lights
  • Fluorescent grow bulbs

Who Can Help

  • Buy grow bulbs
  • Learn more about greenhouse lighting
  • Buy a portable greenhouse
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