How to Cut Wood Angles for Small Crafts


Cutting or mitering wood for small projects such as models and dollhouses is made easier by using tools specifically designed for this application. Larger pieces can be cut using a hobby-size table saw. Smaller pieces can be cut with a hobby-size miter hand saw with a saw sleeve. Pieces that can tolerate a less precise cut can be quickly cut using a miter shear tool.

Step 1

Cut small trims quickly using a mitering shear. This shear has a sharp blade designed to cut across the grain of wood. The tool has a 45-degree mitering fence and engraved lines for other standard miter cuts. Simply place the wood on the miter plate along the fence or line of the angle you wish to cut and compress the handle of the shears. The blade can cut stock up to a half inch thick and one and a half inches wide (any length).

Step 2

Saw precision miter cuts using a quality hobby-size miter box such as Dobson's Miter-Rite. This miter box has a one-degree adjustment plate allowing for optimum mitering precision. The razor saw fits into a saw sleeve to keep it vertical while cutting. Adjust the plate to your desired miter degree. Position your wood stock against the back fence. Hold your stock in place with one hand or a clamp and saw. This machine can cut stock five-eighths inch thick, two inches wide and any length.

Step 3

Miter cut larger pieces of wood (up to one inch thick) on a hobby-size table saw. These saws usually come with a precision miter gauge that can be finely adjusted to the precise angle you need. Better grade saws also tilt for compound angle cutting. Set your miter gauge and tilt. Place your stock against the fence. Turn your saw on. Hold your stock steady (with fingers well away from the blade) and cut your stock. This type of saw can usually cut one inch thick, any width and length.

Things You'll Need

  • Miter shears
  • Miter box
  • Razor saw
  • Hobby-size table saw


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