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Whether stationary or portable, recipe book racks are a nice addition to any kitchen and a good beginner project for the novice woodworker. Magazines, books and free plans are available that have step-by-step instructions on how to build a simple book rack that doesn't claim much space. They can be set on a counter or attached to a wall, whichever is easier or more efficient for you. A recipe book rack is an ideal way to organize your recipe books.


Pine is often the least expensive wood to use, but cherry or mahogany adds beauty and richness to the rack. Lumber yards may have small pieces or these types of wood so the cost isn't exorbitant. If there is a casket manufacturing company or a woodworking shop nearby, you can ask if they have any scraps you could use for your project. Beginner woodworkers find this type of project easy and a confidence=builder.


A drill, bandsaw or scrollsaw and wood glue or screws top the list of tools you'll need for constructing a recipe book rack. Your plans will outline all the supplies you will need for the project.

Finish Work

The finish work is as important as building the rack itself. Sanding the surfaces smooth and applying a stain and varnish finish adds to the durability of the rack. You'll want a non-yellowing varnish that will maintain the color of the wood. Water-based varnish makes clean-up easy and has less odor than an oil-based varnish.

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