Woodworking Ideas for a Blanket Chest

You can use a variety of woodworking ideas for a blanket chest to match any decor. Blanket chests are large, wooden chests created to store blankets and other bedding items. The chests are also handy for storing clothes, toys, magazines and sewing supplies. Plastic is unattractive, glass is fragile and metal can damage the blankets, so wood is the leading choice when it comes to blanket chest material.

Classic Woodworking Ideas

Classic woodworking ideas are the most popular choices when it comes to blanket chests. Use a plain pine rectangle with a light varnish for a chest with a minimalist style. Use missionary woodworking techniques to create a thick boarder frame around a walnut box. Add a rich varnish, short legs and a flat lid to create a blanket chest with a traditional style. Create a New England pine blanket chest with raised legs for a sturdy storage box that can double as a bench. Use a single board with a scalloped arch cut into the bottom to create left leg and a matching board to create the right leg. Add a small, scalloped arch frame to the bottom front and back of the chest to create a decorative silhouette.

Contemporary Woodworking Ideas

Use bold colors and elaborate woodworking ideas for a blanket chest with a contemporary style. Cover a rounded wood chest with dark blue paint and add some round, white balls on each corner as the feet. Add small, white polka dots across the chest body and fluffy, white, linen pillow on the lid to create a modern blanket storage bench. Carve an intricate, geometric border around each side of a light mahogany blanket chest to create a modern style. Add a geometric-patterned, dark mahogany square to each bottom corner of the chest to create legs. Carve a matching geometric border around a dark mahogany lid for the chest. Add a small rectangle of the geometric pattern in the middle of the chest lid and inlay the pattern with light mahogany.

Earthy Woodworking Ideas

Combine different types and colors of wood for a blanket chest with an earthy style. Join different colors of wood together in long panels for a modern blanket chest with a striped pattern. Use a jigsaw pattern to join contrasting squares of wood to form a rectangle box for a contemporary blanket chest with a mosaic theme. Add flowers and trimming to a rectangle blanket chest for an earthy and feminine style. Carve thin strips of maple with an intricate lace pattern. Place the lace trim along the bottom edge of the box and as a frame around the chest lid. Cover the rectangle chest legs with floral carvings and carve a large, oval floral pattern into the middle of the lid. Add a rich varnish to the maple wood chest to keep the look natural or paint the floral carvings before varnishing for a country look.

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