How to Build Kitchen Drawers


Kitchen drawers can receive a lot of abuse, ranging from the impact they receive from heavy pots and food items, to children repeatedly opening and slamming them shut. Ordering replacement drawers can take a while and is definitely not light on the pocket book. With the right process, it is fairly easy to build kitchen drawers yourself, without spending lots of money.

Step 1

Measure the drawer opening width and height. Also measure from the front of the cabinet opening to the rear of the cabinet to determine the depth of the drawer. Subtract one inch from the opening dimensions to determine the drawer dimensions.

Step 2

Rip the drawer sides to the height dimension using a table saw.

Step 3

Use a 1/4 inch dado blade on the table saw and make a kerf near the bottom of one face of the drawer sides. Set the top of the blade 1/4 inch above the tabletop and place the fence 3/8 inches from the saw blade and then pass the wood through the saw. This kerf will receive the drawer bottom.

Step 4

Cut the drawer sides to the right length. The two sides of the drawer should be equal to the depth dimension, while the front and back should be equal to the width dimension minus the thickness of both drawer sides as they will fit in between the two sides.

Step 5

Cut the drawer bottom out of 1/4 inch plywood. To determine the dimensions of the drawer bottom, subtract twice the thickness of a drawer side from the width and add 1/2 inch. Do the same for the depth.

Step 6

Assemble the drawer by laying one drawer side on a table with the kerf side up. Insert the drawer bottom in the kerf. Next add the front and back and finally place the other drawer side on top. Fasten the drawer sides with nails, staples or screws.

Step 7

Finish the drawer by sanding it lightly with 120 grit sand paper and apply two coats of lacquer.

Things You'll Need

  • 1/2 or 3/4 inch wood
  • 1/4 inch plywood
  • Table saw
  • Miter saw
  • Sand paper
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