Do it Yourself Rectangle Gazebo


A rectangle gazebo can provide a cozy and roomy place to hide away in the outdoors of your home or property. If you are planning on building a rectangle gazebo, you should know about the tools, materials and techniques available to complete a successful project. The average do-it-yourselfer can complete a rectangle gazebo in two to three days, depending on the size of the project.


You will need all of the basic carpentry tools, such as a circular saw, jig saw, hand saw, hammer, level, square, tape measure, saw horses, razor knife, drill / screw gun and bits. If you are setting stone, bricks or marble, then you will need some basic masonry tools, such as a trowel, concrete edger, shovel, wheelbarrow, mixing hoe, brick hammer and chisel.


Regardless of what types of materials you choose to use to construct your rectangle gazebo, you must know something about them. For any floor framing of your gazebo, use pressure-treated wood for anything that will touch the dirt. You can use cedar or cypress for the decking, railing and overhangs. Never use oak or pine for any wood that will be exposed to the weather. You can build the floor of your gazebo using stone, pavers or decorative gravel. You may also consider pouring a decorative concrete slab that is finished, stamped, stained or colored. For the sides of your gazebo, use windows, screens, elaborate railing or simple decorative posts. For a final option, consider a prepackaged gazebo that is metal or copper. These gazebos come with installation instructions and all hardware.


When constructing your rectangle gazebo, prepare the base first--either wood or concrete. For a concrete slab, pour the concrete first and then set the posts and railing after the concrete has dried. Use post anchors to set the posts. Never set the post into the concrete; the concrete will erode the posts, either metal or wood. Install a metal or copper roof on the gazebo for an elaborate or antique look and cedar shingles for a Cape Cod style. You can finish the roof with a weather vane or cupola and install an exterior ceiling fan on the ceiling for those hot, steamy days. After your gazebo is completed, fill it with wicker furniture or a hammock and enjoy.

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