Making Slipknots for Necklaces

Making a Slipknot

To make a slipknot, first make a loop in a piece of string. Hold the higher of the two loose ends with your dominant hand. Then reach up through the loop with your non-dominant hand and grab the lower of the two loose ends. Start to pull it back through the loop, while simultaneously pulling the loose end in your dominant hand. When this step is finished, you should be left with a new loop with a knot at its base.

Adjusting the Slipknot

You can adjust the slipknot while you are making your necklace. At times you will want it to be larger, and at times smaller, for ease of use. To make it larger, pull at the two sides of the loop. To make it smaller, pull at the two loose ends.

Making a Chain of Slipknots

You can make several slipknots in a row to create a unique pattern. Once you have made one slipknot, reach back through the non-dominant loop. Grab the same string you grabbed to form the first slipknot, and pull it partway through, as explained above. You can continue doing this for as long as there is enough string.

Sealing the Slipknot Necklace

To make a slipknot necklace, it is best to use very thick string or very thin rope. After the row of slipknots is long enough, wrap it around your neck. Stick the loose end at the beginning of the chain through the loop at the end of the chain. Pull the loose end near the loop to seal the necklace.

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