How to Make a Hammock from Jute Cord

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Hanging in a hammock dozing and enjoying a warm afternoon in the back yard is one of the most relaxing things to do. A hammock is a swinging bed made of fishing net and hung between 2 trees or on a metal form. Commercial hammocks can be quite expensive though. A solution to this high cost is to make your own. A couple of boards or branches, some macrame cord and a little time will have you lazing the afternoon away in no time.


Step 1

Cut the cord lengths first. Cut 6 lengths that are 1 yard long or 3 feet long. Set these aside by themselves. Cut 40 lengths that are 34 yards long or 102 feet long.

Step 2

Attach the eye bolts to the wall or a piece of plywood just above eye level 4 feet apart. Make sure the eye part of the bolt is horizontal to the floor. Place a large metal ring over each eye bolt. You will be making the connecting braces to the tree or frame first.

Step 3

Fold 3 cords of the 1 yard lengths in half on the bottom of the metal ring next to each other with a half hitch knot. Tighten up against the ring. You will have 6 cords hanging from the ring. Repeat this for the second ring. Remove from the eye bolts and lay this aside again for now.

Step 4

Lay one of the branches across both eye bolts. This is your working area. A good idea is to have the space free of use while working on the hammock. Now, fold the 40 lengths of cord in half over the branch and place another half hitch knot in the cord tightened up against the branch. You now have 80 cords hanging from the branch.

Step 5

Working from left to right, take the first 4 cords and tie a square knot with the left and right outside cords over the 2 middle cords. Tighten the square knot tightly up against the half hitch on the branch. Repeat this step all the way across ending up with 20 square knots across. Go back to the left side of the branch for the next row.

Step 6

Leave the first 2 cords dangling in this step. You will want the square knots for this row to be in the middle of the 2 square knots above it. Take the next 4 cords and place a square knot in the same manner as the previous step. Repeat all the way across ending up with 2 loose cords at the end. Go back to the left side and start the 3rd row.

Step 7

Repeat steps 5 and 6 alternatively until you have reached approximately 5-7 feet.

Step 8

Place the 2nd branch on the eye bolts, in front of the working hammock. This is simply for ease of use. With each of the 80 cords, take one cord and make a double half hitch onto the 2nd branch all the way across. Go back to the left side and place square knots in the same manner as previous square knots for one row all the way across. Go back to the left and divide all 80 cords into 5 groups of 16 cords. Tie an overhand knot with each group, tightly up against the square knots. This completes the hammock body.

Step 9

Attach the hanging strings on the metal ring to the branch. To do this, first hammer a nail further up the plywood or wall in the middle of the eye bolts. Place a metal ring with the cords on the nail. With each cord, place another double half hitch tightly up against the branch and in between the cords already on the branch. A good placement for these 6 cords is 2 cords on the left, 2 cords in the middle and 2 cords on the right, so as to evenly distribute the weight on the metal ring. With each set of 2 cords, place a square knot tightly up against the half hitch knot.

Step 10

Repeat previous step for the other end of the hammock. Trim all ends. String the hammock between 2 trees with large sturdy eye bolts or attach to a frame.

Things You'll Need

  • (2) 3 inches around tree branches or rounded wood and 5 feet long
  • (2) Heavy Duty Eye Bolts
  • (2) Large Metal Rings
  • 1500 Yards Macrame Cord or Jute
  • Open Wall Space and/or large piece of plywood
  • Tape Measure
  • Scissors
  • Nail
  • Hammer

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