Directions for Easy Macrame Plant Hangers


Macramé is an art form involving knot tying in sequences. The use of heavy cord will make plant hangers that withstand the outdoor elements. An easy plant hanger involves three or four knots that you can learn in a short time. Practice the knots before making your first plant hanger so that they will be uniform in size and appearance. Any embellishment that a macramé cord can pass through can be used to create your own decorative planter.

Learn the Knots

Making a basic macramé plant hanger can entail using as few as three or four knots. The most common knots are the larks head, spiral stitch, square knot and wrapped knot. Practice the knots with 1-yard lengths of scrap macramé cord before beginning your first plant hanger. Tying knots that lay flat and are all the same size involves a little bit of practice to get the right amount of tightness in each knot so that they all look alike.

Mounting Your Project

Making a macramé plant hanger requires some tension on the cords at all times. Most macramé plant hangers work from the bottom up to the top. After tying the first knots onto a metal ring, you can hammer a large nail in a wall and hang the ring on it. The weight of the cord and length will keep the cords hanging down and keep them from crossing as they hang. Working with your project flat on a table usually results in mixing up the cords, which will be evident in the finished product.

Sections of the Hanger

The first section of a macramé plant hanger starts at the bottom, usually by attaching larks head knots to a ring, and contains a supporting web for a pot to sit in. It is important to make this section even so that a pot sits level to retain water and soil. Put the pot into the hanger as you work so it will look even. The second section normally incorporates either square knots that lie flat or spiral knots, which are half of a square knot and appear twisted. This is the longest section, which leads to the top. The very top may have a ring attachment or may end with a wrapped knot, which is similar to a hangman's noose.


Adding glass, wood and colored beads can give your project a unique design. Working in more than one color of macramé cord can also produce an original work of art. Any item that the cords fit through can decorate a macramé plant hanger. Plain brown wooden beads are classic but may be updated with a coat of bright metallic or iridescent paint. Artistic individuals may use clear glass beads and paint flowers or animals onto them for their hangers. Small Christmas bells will string on the cord and have a dual purpose of beauty and act as wind chimes for outside projects.

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