How to Make a Rexlace Lanyard


Rexlace is a plastic lace that is used to weave and make crafting items. It comes in a variety of colors and is not expensive.There are many different weaves and stitches that can be created with rexlace. One basic stitch that is suitable for beginners is called the lanyard stitch. Once this stitch is mastered, it can be used to create necklaces, bracelets, key chains, and other small items.

Step 1

Hold the lengths of Rexlace together and fold them in half to find the middles. Loop the lengths of Rexlace onto the hook so that the middle of each length of Rexlace is resting on the hook.

Step 2

Place a small piece of tape onto each length of Rexlace. Label each length of Rexlace with a number according to the diagram. This is for learning purposes; once you learn the stitch this step will not be necessary.

Step 3

Take strand 4 and pull it behind strands 2 and 3. Wrap it around strand 2 and pull it back to the front.

Step 4

Take strand 1 and pull it behind strands 2 and 4. Wrap it around strand 4 and pull it back to the front.

Step 5

Continue with the last two steps again and again until the lanyard stitch reaches the length you want. Be sure you are pushing the stitches up snugly to each other and making them tight.

Step 6

Finish the stitch with a tight overhand knot. Clip the excess ends. Leave a little excess Rexlace on the other side of the overhand knot to make sure the lace won't come undone.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 yards Rexlace (1 yard each of a contrasting color)
  • Metal ring
  • Scissors
  • Clear tape
  • Permanent marker

Who Can Help

  • Buy Rexlace
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