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Individuals who would like to learn a craft but are unsure of starting something that looks complicated--like crocheting or knitting--should think about macramé. No needles of any kind are needed. Yarn, your hands and the ability to create a knot are what it takes to create a project using macramé. An easy item to get started with is a belt.

Getting Started

Choose the yarn for the macramé belt. In order to make even rows of knots, the yarn threads need to be anchored. There are several ways to anchor or mount threads. Pin them to a couch cushion or a ceiling tile, or roll up a blanket and use it as an anchor. Try to use something that has a checked or striped pattern, as this is a great way to keep the rows even and to center the knots. Yarn is used as a mounting anchor. Purchase a macramé book at a craft store to learn the various knots that are used.

Preparing the Cords

Cords need to be prepared before being added to the project. This keeps them from unraveling or fraying on the ends. There are a couple of methods to choose from, such as coating the ends with wax or glue.

Creating the Belt

The Chain Belt resembles the macramé belts that were worn by Elvis. Determine the length of belt that is desired and cut cords for the belt from the yarn. For a medium-sized macramé belt, cut six cords or threads at six yards each. Cut a strand of yarn and stretch it taut across the area where the cords are going to be mounted and pin it in place. Begin mounting the cords to it with a double half hitch mount. Begin a chain sennit on each of the cords. The best way to keep the loops even is to keep the long portion of the cord to the left. Link the sennits by passing the end of the cord through the chain that was just made. For an even design, tighten the loops as they are made. Try to pull all of the slack out of the loop.

Making the Fringe

Cut a second cord the same length as the mounting cord and place it on top of the cords in a horizontal direction at the last loops of the sennits. Attach all cords to the second holding or mounting cord. Weave the holding cords into the design. Tie the belt on with pieces of the fringe.


The larger the yarn size, the less cords are needed. The smaller the yarn size, the more cords are needed. If a loop becomes too large, pull on the longer portion of the cord to adjust it.

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