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How to Change the Drive Belt on a Craftsman Zts 7500 Riding Mower

The Craftsman ZTS 7500 is a zero turn lawnmower. This means, all four wheels pivot to allow the mower to spin on its axis. This allows for tight cornering and less trimming with a push mower. Although the deck rests below the engine, the deck itself still uses a pulley system and a drive belt to run the mower blades. Just as the belt on a lawn tractor wears out, the belt on the ZTS 7500 also wears out and requires replacement.

Position the mower blades to the “off” position and then place the speed levers into the “Park/Start” position. Turn off the mower and set the parking brake.

Lower the deck on the ZTS 7500 to its lowest position with the height adjustment lever. This allows more room to work between the mower and the mower deck.

Press the “Belt release” lever to release tension on the drive belt. The lever is located next to the pulley system on the mower deck.

Locate the drive pulley under the engine and then pull the belt off the pulley by hand.

Draw a detailed diagram of the pulleys and the belt routing. The drive belt has four pulleys and if you route the belt incorrectly, it causes the mower to function improperly.

Remove the old belt and then place the new belt onto the pulleys.

Stretch the belt and place it over the drive pulley mounted under the engine.

Press the “Belt release” lever to tighten tension on the belt.

Craftsman Mower's Belt Breaks

Most of the time, a broken belt on a Craftsman lawn mower makes itself apparent quickly. These may also be referred to as upper and lower belts. When a lawn mower belt breaks frequently, look for an underlying problem causing the belt to snap. Lawn mower belts should last a minimum of a year, and typically longer. Check your mower to ensure the guard that covers the pulleys and belt is in place. You can also chat with a live representative online on the Sears PartsDirect website, email them to receive an answer within 24 hours or look up parts yourself by entering the model number of your Craftsman mower. While you can simply turn a walk-behind mower over to replace the belt, on a riding mower you must remove the cutting deck and battery to access the belt area.

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