String Crows Feet Easy Instructions


If you're learning how to make shapes with string or with Chinese jump rope, crows feet is one of the easiest shapes you can try. Although the instructions may seem daunting at first, there are only three main steps in forming the crows feet.

Making the Base

The base of the crows feet will be formed on your left hand. Simply thread the string behind your thumb and pinky, but in front of the remaining three fingers. The rest of the loop should hang in front of your hand. Pull the string in front of the middle three fingers completely so that it becomes the large loop (the original loop will now be pulled back towards your left hand). Then repeat this motion with the current string in front of your middle three fingers. This first step will create loops around the thumb and pinky of your left hand, although the rest of the string won't seem to have changed at all.

Adding the Right Hand

Adding the right hand can be tricky. With the loop still hanging from your left hand, slip your right hand into the loop so that one side of the loop runs between forefinger and thumb, and the other side runs between index finger and pinky. Then tuck your right thumb into the small loop around your left thumb, and your right pinky into the small loop around your left pinky. Pull the string as far as it will go. This should leave you with four strands (really two loops) stretched between your two hands.

The Last Step

Keeping your fingers straight, flip your left hand so that your five fingers fit into the spaces created by the four strings. Toss the loops (still held in your right hand) over your left hand, and release them. You should have two loops hanging behind your left hand and a mess of string on the palm of your left hand. In the mess of string, there should be two parallel strings stretched across your hand, from thumb to pinky. Pull both of those string with your right hand, and the crows feet should appear, stretched between your two hands.

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