Eight-String Lanyard Instructions


So you've mastered the box stitch, the double box stitch, and even the triple box stitch. You've successfully tackled the quad stitch. The next logical step is the eight-string lanyard, which is essentially a double-quad stitch with twice the number of lanyard strands and twice the number of colors. Because of the number of strands, this stitch is difficult to pull off, but it will mark you as a master lanyard creator.

Starting the Lanyard

Cut eight strands of lanyard to equal length. Lay four of them parallel to each other, and lay the other four on top of them, perpendicularly, to create a "t" shape. Take the ends of one of the bottom four strands and curl them over the top four strands to make two loops, as if you were doing a regular box stitch. Repeat this process with the remaining four bottom strands to form eight loops. Then take the end of one of the top strands and weave it over and under the first two loops, over and under the second two loops, and so on, until it is woven through all eight loops. Repeat this process with the remaining seven ends of the top strands; pull to tighten the first stitch.

Adding Stitches

Continue following this same process to make additional stitches. Make eight loops with the ends of four strands on opposite sides of the lanyard. Then weave the strands on the adjacent sides over and over all of the loops; pull to tighten the stitch. Make sure to keep your stitches as tight as possible.

Finishing the Lanyard

To complete the lanyard, make one more stitch but don't tighten it. Then take each of the 16 strand ends and wrap it around the strand end to its immediate right, under the closest center loop, and up through the middle of the stitch. When you finish, all of the strand ends should be protruding from the middle of the stitch. Grasp these strand ends and pull them to tighten the last stitch. Snip off the ends of the strands to the desired length.

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