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From Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts, making your own neckerchief slide provides a fun way to make your uniform your own while providing a great project for your den or troop to work on. These slides make an enjoyable addition to any lesson on knot tying; make them out of paracord, twine, string or leather lacing.

Making Slides

Make a knotted or braided slide for a simple way to secure a neckerchief or similar scarf, while also displaying your skill. While you can make the slides presented here from virtually any stout cord, these instructions all assume that you will use military-grade 550 paracord. In order to create the loop which holds the neckerchief in place, tie these knots around a broom handle or similar dowel, with the decorative knot in the front. Though not a complete necessity, this will make it far easier for you to achieve the desired effect.

Turk's Head Knot

To make the most common plaited slide---a woven ring using a Turk's Head knot, so named due to its resemblance to a turban worn in the Turkish style---create a circular braid that functions perfectly as a woggle or neckerchief slide. Simply tie a Turk's head knot around the dowel. When finished, either leave the two ends free or fuse them together with heat.

Monkey's Fist Knot

Make a Monkey's Fist slide---a complex, popular decorative knot that many scouts will recognize---to show off a high degree of knotting skill. For a traditional Monkey's Fist, tie the knot at the end of a rope, with the loose end knotted and tucked into the center of the Monkey's Fist before tightening. In this variation, instead of tying the knot at the end of the cord length, tie it in the middle. Tighten the knot as you normally would, but leave the loose end free. Tie or fuse this loose end to the other end, making the loop for a slide, with the Monkey's Fist displayed in the front.

Friendship Knot

The Friendship Knot makes an attractive decorative knot that produces a loop, secured with an easy-to-tie yet complex-looking knot. Tie this knot with a tight loop (again, using a dowel or broom handle).

Double Figure Eight Knot

Unlike the previous knots tie the Double Figure Eight without using a dowel. Fold a length of cord in half, doubled over itself. Using the folded loop as the working end, tie a standard Figure Eight Loop, pulling the folded end through the loop. Pull it tight, and you've got a decorative Double Figure Eight.

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