Why Won't My Amaryllis Bloom?

Why Won't My Amaryllis Bloom? image by Roy Montgomery: Flickr.com
Why Won't My Amaryllis Bloom? image by Roy Montgomery: Flickr.com


Amaryllis is a traditional holiday flower that many people throw away after the blooms die. If treated correctly, the bulbs can be planted and will produce beautiful flowers next season.

Late Lifting

Amaryllis that grows in an outdoor flower bed needs to be lifted (removed from the soil) and transplanted to an indoor pot. If the bulb is not removed in time, frost can kill the bulb or delay blooming (Reference 1).

Sun Exposure

Amaryllis grows best when given warm water and placed in a sunny location. If your plant lives indoors and is in a cool, dark area, you can expect the bloom growth to be slow or non-existent (Reference 2).

Leaf Removal

Photosynthesis, the act of producing energy from sunlight, is needed for plant growth. If the amaryllis leaves are removed right after the bloom closes, photosynthesis does not occur and the plant will not produce flowers next season (Reference 2).

Close Quarters

Too many amaryllis bulbs too close together will stunt their growth. It is best to divide the bulbs and replant them farther apart (or pot them separately) in the autumn (Reference 2).

Planted Too Deep

Amaryllis do not like to be too low in a pot or in the garden. If your plant is not flowering, check the position of the bulb. Potted bulbs should be exposed above the soil about 1 inch past the neck. Garden bulbs like their neck just above the soil line.


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Photo by: Roy Montgomery: Flickr.com

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