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How to Replant Amaryllis

The huge trumpet-shaped amaryllis flower offers a welcome burst of color in the middle of winter. With proper care, this treat can be enjoyed year after year. During the summer months, many gardeners move amaryllis plants to a warm sunny spot outdoors. When summer is over, amaryllis must be brought indoors. It's important to replant amaryllis bulbs properly to preserve their blooming power.

Bring your amaryllis bulbs indoors before frost. A tropical plant, the amaryllis will be damaged by extreme cold.

Before replanting, give the bulb a rest by storing it in a cool, dark spot. Trim off the dead and dying leaves, shake off the dirt and place the bulb in a cellar or another location at about 55 degrees for at least eight weeks. Keep it out of light and do not water it during this time.

Choose a pot. The pot for the amaryllis should allow about 1 to 2 inches of extra space around the bulb. Amaryllis prefer well-drained soil so the pot must have drainage holes.

About eight weeks before you'd like the amaryllis to bloom, bring the bulb out of cool storage. Fill the pot partway with fresh potting soil and place the bulb in the center. Add more potting soil but leave the top third of the bulb above the soil line. The narrow "neck" of the bulb should be completely exposed.

Firm the potting soil around the bulb to hold it in place. The soil line should be lower than the rim of the pot to make watering easier.

Place the pot in a cool location (about 60 degrees F) and give it one generous drink of water. Then water the soil only once per week until you see new growth appear. Once new leaves start shooting up, keep the soil moist. Your new blooms should appear in about seven to10 weeks.


You can bring your amaryllis bulbs out of cold storage at different times to spread their blooms out over several weeks.

With good amaryllis care, your bulbs should grow bigger each year. Bigger bulbs lead to better blooms.


Over-watering is a common reason for bulb failure. Water sparingly until leaves appear and the amaryllis is actively growing.

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