How to Create Front Yard Privacy


Every homeowner craves privacy in his or her front yard, to be able to move around or do things without prying eyes of the neighbors, passers by on the street or people across the road. If there is just a lawn that separates your house from the road, and you'd rather enjoy gardening, playing with the children in the grass or simply lounging by yourself without curious looks from strangers, it is time you take action. Depending on personal tastes and the amount you want to spend, there are many ways to create front yard privacy.

Step 1

Build a cedar privacy fence facing the road. These are easily available in home improvement stores in easy-to-install do-it-yourself kits comprised of stakes, simple or latticed sheets of pretreated wood and the essential hardware. Usually over 6 feet high, these provide the essential privacy from outside, without giving the front yard an enclosed and fort-like appearance.

Step 2

Construct a trellis for a colorful privacy fence. Depending on how high and long you want the trellis, you can construct one from several lengths of 2-by-4 and 1-by-4 lumber. You can also plant climbing vines or plants such as roses, hyacinths or bougainvilleas for an attractive screening.

Step 3

Plant a line of mature trees for immediate privacy. Although mature trees cost more than young ones and require more care, they provide instant privacy without waiting for them to grow. Make sure the trees suit your climate and weather conditions. Remember to prune the trees when required to maintain their shape.

Step 4

Use shrubs or bushes in your front yard to create privacy. Hedges such as boxwood shrubs are commonly used to line front yards. However, make sure you trim and prune the hedges frequently, especially during growing season, to maintain shape and appearance.

Step 5

Plant tall growing grasses for a temporary but cost-effective solution to providing seclusion. There are many varieties of grasses that can grow 5 to 6 feet in height in a matter of weeks and can screen out the view from people on the street.

Step 6

Use big planters or containers with dwarf trees, large plants or shrubs, and place them along the edge of your deck to create a separation from the street. Shrubs and hedges can also be grown successfully in planters to provide the needed screening, with their bushy and thick foliage.

Step 7

Hang plants strategically from your balcony or deck to block pedestrians' view of inside.

Things You'll Need

  • Privacy fence sheets
  • Trellis
  • Mature trees
  • Shrubs or hedges
  • Tall grasses
  • Large planters
  • Hanging baskets


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