Types of Fine Art Photography


Fine art photography is focused on expressing the artist's vision. This type of photography is created for its artistic merits rather than for commercial purposes.


Fine art photography can encompass examples of all other forms of photography. Landscape, portrait, black and white, digital, and travel photography can all be utilized to create a fine art photograph.


Examples of fine art photography can be found from the Victorian era. Before 1975, the most common fine art photography genres were nudes, portraits and natural landscapes.


Fine art photographs transform normal objects and draw the attention of art lovers. They are found in art galleries, museums and private collections. Prints of fine art photography are produced in limited editions.

Fun Fact

Before 1955, it was widely considered in bad taste to frame a photograph for a gallery exhibition. Prints were pasted onto plywood or given a white border in the darkroom and then pinned at the corners onto display boards.

Famous Ties

Famous fine art photographers include Cindy Sherman, Robert Mapplethorpe, Sally Mann, and Edward Steichen. Ansel Adams, one of the most famous fine art photographers, is known internationally for his landscape photographs.

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