How to Make an Elegant Pine Cone Centerpiece

Designing a fall centerpiece can beautify your dinner table while providing a conversation-starter. This project need not be time-consuming or complicated or involve a wide range of expensive materials. Read on to learn how to craft an elegant pine cone centerpiece from easily available materials, to create a final product that is not too large or abstract.


Step 1

Gather about 10 pine cones from your yard. Look for four large, four medium and two small pine cones. Varying the sizes in this way makes for an aesthetically pleasing display. Look for pine cones that are full, and not cracked or broken. Shake out any leaves, pine straw and dirt.

Step 2

Spread newspapers in a well-ventilated or open area, preferably outdoors. Spray-paint the pine cones in your chosen color. Carefully set them aside on newspaper to dry. Make sure they are completely dry before you move on to the next step.

Step 3

Break the bamboo skewers in half. Use the glue gun to attach the broken end of a bamboo skewer to a pine cone. Do this for each one of your pine cones.

Step 4

Place the floral foam in the center of the basket. Cover the foam with some of the loose raffia to disguise it. Beginning with the larger sizes, arrange the pine cones in the basket, securing each one in place by poking the sharp end of the attached bamboo skewer into the floral foam. Arrange and rearrange the pine cones in the basket until you get a final result that is pleasing to your creative eye.

Step 5

Arrange the loose raffia between the pine cones to cover any visible bamboo skewer or glimpses of the floral foam.

Step 6

Weave the string of white Christmas lights in, out and around the pine cone arrangement.

Tips and Warnings

You may leave your pine cones with their natural woody color rather than spray-painting them. Alternately, mix and match the spray-paint colors. For example, you may use gold for the large pine cones, natural or white for the medium-sized cones and silver for the small ones. You may use colored Christmas lights to add a different mood and feel to the display.

Things You'll Need

Pine cones, Spray paint, Display basket, Floral foam, Hot glue gun, Barbecue skewers, White Christmas lights

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