How to Celebrate Christmas With a New Love


If you started dating someone just a few short months before Christmas, you might not be sure how to approach the holiday as a new couple. You might want to spend the entire holiday with your new love or just get together near the holiday. By talking with your significant other about your expectations, you can plan a first Christmas that will be enjoyable and memorable.

Step 1

Discuss when you will celebrate Christmas together. If you started dating just before Christmas, you might already have plans to spend the holidays with your family and friends. You or your new love might have long-standing plans to be out of town for the holiday. Of course, your holiday plans might also include your new love. Talk to each other so that the two of you can decide when you will be able to spend time together over the Christmas holiday.

Step 2

Talk about whether the two of you are ready to attend a holiday meal or gathering with your respective families. If you just started dating, you might not be ready to meet the family. Even if you have already met the family, it might not be time to spend Christmas with them yet. Every relationship is different.

Step 3

Select a gift appropriate for the length of time you have been dating. Your first Christmas spent together as a new couple is not always the time to buy expensive and personalized gifts. The type of gift you purchase for your loved one should vary depending on whether you have just started dating, have been dating for a few months or if you have been together for most of the year. The more time you have spent together, the more personal of a gift you might want to buy. For example, if you have dated your boyfriend for just a month or two, you might want to buy him some clothing with the name of his favorite sports team. If you have been dating your girlfriend for several months, then you might want to buy her a pretty necklace or earrings.

Step 4

Schedule some couple time into your holiday festivities. Plan some time with your new loved one when the two of you can just enjoy the holiday season. Attend some holiday events as a couple For instance, attend a Christmas play or spend an afternoon Christmas shopping. Enjoy time as a couple apart from family and friends during the weeks leading up to Christmas.

Step 5

Take pictures of each other at Christmas time. Ask friends and family to take pictures of the two of you together as well. You can also take pictures at the holiday events you attend. This might be the first of many Christmas seasons that you will spend together. If you end up having a long-term relationship, it will be nice to have pictures from your first Christmas to look back at over the years.

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