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How to Cut Down Trees Near Power Lines

Cutting down trees near power lines can be a dangerous and laborious task. If the tree is touching the power lines, attempting to cut it down can be deadly. The most important step you can take when attempting to cut down trees near power lines is to contact your local power company before taking any action. If your power company gives you the okay to cut down the tree, you need to ensure that the tree won’t fall on the power lines.

Call your local power company for guidance before cutting down trees near power lines. If the tree’s branches are within 5 to 10 feet of a power line, many power companies require you to contact them before pruning or felling the tree. Some power companies have policies that they must fell the tree for you, for safety purposes.

Hook a 3/8-inch cable as high as possible to the tree. Run the cable through a snatch block that is chained to a larger tree trunk located in the opposite direction of the power lines.

Attach the cable to another large anchoring tree that is not in the direction you’re felling the tree. Use a chainsaw to sever the tree at its base.

Use a 4-ton come-a-long to lean the tree away from the power lines as you’re sawing. Make sure none of the branches come into contact with the power lines as the tree is falling.


Employ a professional tree-removal service if you have any concerns about the tree crashing into the power lines when felling it. Always use safety glasses and gloves when operating a chainsaw.


Never attempt to cut down a tree that is touching power lines. Contact your local power company instead. Avoid planting trees that grow higher than 20 feet near power lines. Check with your local power company before planting trees or shrubs near power lines.

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