List of Houseplants That Bloom With White Flowers

Fresh flower bouquets are lovely to behold in a home, but their short lifespan makes the impractical in a long term decorating scheme. Potted flowering house plants add the same charm to a home and will live much longer if taken care of. Many house plants are available that bloom with white flowers, making them excellent for any room color.

Golden Calla Lily

A member of the arum family, the golden calla lily (Zantedeschia elliottiana) is a variety of calla lily notable for its pure white, funnel-shaped flowers, which are accented by a bright yellow spadix. The plant is a native of eastern and southern Africa, where it can be found growing naturally in the wet, waterlogged soils of lakes and wetlands. With its speckled, green leaves and showy, waxy flowers, the golden calla lily is a popular indoor container plant that will thrive in a moist soil. The plant is a manageable size, about 2 feet. When grown indoors, calla lilies do best in bright, indirect sunlight.


Flower-of-an-hour (Hibiscus trionum) is a short-lived perennial or annual that reaches an average height of between 1 to 3 feet. The shrub-like plant sports bushy, green leaves, which are accented by large, creamy white flowers which may sometimes by tinged with pink. Flower-of-the-hour may be grown as a houseplant so long as it has fertile, well draining soil. Water the flower frequently during the summer, and water sparingly during winter dormancy. Flower-of-an-hour prefers sunny situations and can be placed in a bright kitchen or living room near a window. Check occasionally for pests, such as aphids, white flies and mealybugs.

Ribbon Plant

Ribbon plant (Chlorophytum comosum) is a perennial flower native to South Africa that is characterized by its long, arching leaves and its wiry stalks of small, white blooms. The plant often has variegated green and white or green and cream colored leaves. The whole plant may be up to 3 feet tall, though its leaves tend to cascade outwards. Ideal for a hanging basket inside the home, ribbon plant will thrive in either bright light or shade, in a humid, stuffy room or an air conditioned one. The hardy plant should be grown in a well draining, moist soil for best results, though it will tolerate brief periods of drought.

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