Plants at the Winter Gardens in Glasgow

In the heart of Tollgross Park in Glasgow is a large glasshouse conservatory known as Winter Gardens, now part of a public social museum named People's Palace. The Winter Gardens can be hired for use as a wedding or other social occasion venue. The glasshouse is Victorian in style and contains tropical plants that are native to both arid and humid regions. Outside, the Doulton Fountain stands in Glasgow Green, the oldest public space in Glasgow.


The vertical features that contrast the glass and metal frame of the glasshouse are palms. The Winter Gardens has specimens of the queen palm (Syagrus romanzoffiana), windmill palm (Trachycarpus sp.), date palm (Phoenix sp.), pygmy date palm (Phoenix roebellenii) and California fan palm (Washingtonia robusta). Other specimens include lady palm (Rhapis sp.) and golden butterfly palm (Dypsis lutescens).

Foliage Plants

Varied plants with interestingly shaped and colored leaves also decorate the planting beds in the Winter Gardens. Swiss cheese plant (Monstera deliciosa), rubber tree (Ficus elastica) and variegated rubber tree (Ficus elastica "Variegata") and numerous cycads are but a few of note. The cycads have fernlike fronds that almost look like palms, but are ancient plants that are more closely related to conifers.


Under the lower roof-line on the periphery of the glasshouse are many succulent plants that require sunny, arid growing conditions. Many upright succulents (Euphorbia spp.) and century plants (Agave spp.) reside here.

Flowering Plants

Seasonal flowers are occasionally and sporadically planted in the beds at Winter Gardens for color. More permanent plants in the collection include bird-of-paradise (Strelitzia reginae), Chinese hibiscus (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis) and camellia. Tropical flamingo flowers (Anthurium spp.) add festive heart-shaped flowers that are waxy in texture and red or pink with a fingerlike yellow spathe structure in their centers.

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