How to Ride Toro Lawn Mowers


Toro Riding mowers are available in three series, with varying models in each series. All small machinery, like riding and zero-turn mowers, require you to follow some safety procedures. Ride the mower on dry grass surfaces and avoid wet slopes, which can lead to an overturned mower. Reduce your speed when mowing on a slope and avoid making sudden sharp turns to prevent the mower from turning.

Step 1

Position the seat to a comfortable height. Lift the seat forward, pushing it towards the steering wheel. Loosen the adjustment knobs on each side of the seat and slide the seat to the position you prefer. Tighten the adjustment knobs and lower the seat back to a sitting position.

Step 2

Sit in the seat and push the motion controls to the brake position by pushing them outwards from each other. Move the "PTO" or Power Take Off lever to the off position. Position the throttle lever to "Choke" and turn the key, moving the throttle to "Fast." Repeat this process until the mower starts.

Step 3

Adjust the height of the blades, moving the "height-of-cut" lever to the transport position. This will raise the blades to 4 ½ inches. Pull up on the "height-of-cut" lever to change the blade position to a lower level once you are ready to begin cutting the lawn.

Step 4

Position the motion levers to the middle position, removing the mower from "Park." Slowly push the motion levers forward to begin moving the mower in a forward motion. Push both levers with equal pressure to maintain a straight path with the mower. Apply less pressure to one side when a turn is approaching. To turn right, release the pressure from the right motion lever. Reverse this process for a left turn. Push the motion levers outward to stop the mower. Pull on the motion levers to reverse the mower, pulling the levers towards the seat slowly.

Step 5

Apply the brake, pushing the motion levers outward to stop the mower and position the throttle to "Off."


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