How to Landscape With Mosaic Stone


Mosaics date back centuries as a way to enhance decor, murals and religious artifacts, and make utility items look aesthetically pleasing. Made up of composite pieces of cut glass, marble and other materials, these pieces that make up mosaics are actually called "tesserae." Mosaics can easily be incorporated into the landscape, whether it is through the garden, patio, birdbaths or pools. You can create custom mosaics on your landscape with some preparation and specific materials you can obtain at an arts and crafts store.

Step 1

Accent the larger items or parts of your landscape such as a patio, deck or pool with mosaics. Pools can be drained and given a mosaic edging, or even the entire pool bottom can have a mosaic pattern. This will usually have to be done by professionals, though. These will not only add a bright and bold addition to your landscape, but increase the property value in some cases.

Step 2

Accent smaller focal points such as windowsills, tables, chairs or an accent patio wall with mosaic colors and patterns. Using mirror pieces will help make some areas look larger.

Step 3

Craft personalized designs throughout your landscape with mosaic. Cover flower planters or outdoor vases, edge around outside doorways, or accent a garden wall with a customized design that matches your personality, paint colors or garden style.

Step 4

Cover a birdhouse or birdbath with mosaic for an added sparkle. Just make sure not to cover the area where water goes or the inside where birds will live. The mosaic can be designs, or just a solid color to match something on your landscape.

Step 5

Decorate your mailbox or light fixtures in the front yard, personalizing it with your name written in mosaic or a favorite pattern, such as flowers or birds.

Things You'll Need

  • Mosaic stones


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