Good Choices of Flowers for Flower Pots in Nebraska

Container flower gardening allows for additional flexibility in the garden. You can easily move pots to suitable areas that receive plenty of sun, even if you don't have adequate ground soil. Plant some Nebraska favorites with low maintenance and overall versatility to add color to your garden.


In Nebraska, many container flower gardeners enjoy planting the perennial begonia. Year after year, this flower blooms in a variety of colors including white, apricot, pink, yellow and orange. Begonias thrive in partial shade and well-draining soil. Plant in a flower pot away from intense heat because too much exposure may cause blooms to wither. Often used as a border flower, begonias are favorites in window boxes as well. Plant several together for an attractive display. As a perennial, they are an economical choice for those with limited gardening funds because you can enjoy them for more than one season.


As an annual, petunias are often planted in containers and flower pots as well as along the borders of flower beds in Nebraska landscapes. Petunias prefer full sun exposure but will tolerate partial sun as well. Blooms appear in a wide range of colors including red, white, purple and yellow. Petunias reliably produce blooms all summer, making them a favorite among both beginner and experienced gardeners alike. Plant petunias in well-draining soil for optimal blooms. Petunias are more prone to problems from over-watering because they are tolerant of slightly dry soils.


The zinnia has long been a favored annual flower for its tough nature. Nebraska gardeners plant them in containers during the summer as their blooms will last the entire season, rather than a few weeks. Zinnias are easy to grow and relatively simple to maintain, making them a preferred choice in the low-maintenance flower garden. Blooms come in a range of colors including yellow, red, rose, orange, white, lilac and purple. Their shape varies from beehive-shape to button-shape and cactus-shape. Zinnias can range from 8 inches to 4 feet tall, depending on the cultivar. Plant zinnia seeds after the danger of frost has passed. Blooms appear in late spring and last throughout the summer.

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