Garden Style Ideas

A garden is a sanctuary. Tailor the garden's style to put the owner at ease. Some gardeners prefer an ordered, sculptured environment where nature is trimmed and shaped to perfection, while others favor the gentle shade of a peaceful woodland scene. Style your garden according to your own philosophy, resources and aesthetics.

Formal Garden

The formal garden style is dominated by tightly sculpted walkways. Use shrubs, such as boxwoods, carefully trimmed in geometric patterns combined with arbors and other architectural elements to create an image of nature tightly controlled. Enhance the garden with water fountains, basins and ponds. Alternate the walkways with neatly trimmed trees, patches of grass and arranged flowerbeds, all in regular, geometric patterns.

Woodland Garden

A woodland garden should mimic the relaxed and wild attitude of a natural forest, but with carefully designed landscaping making it accessible. Plant tall trees throughout the garden to create dappled shade. Arrange a variety of woodland plants such as ferns, lichens, wildflowers and wild grasses beneath the trees. Landscape meandering water features through the garden along with natural-looking landscape rocks and rough-hewn benches to give the area a wild, picturesque look.

Container Garden

Container gardens use plants placed in pots, planters and other containers to save space and provide versatility. Container gardens also allow gardeners to grow warm-weather plants in areas where they would not be able to overwinter because of the frost. Container gardens offer many combinations. Use formal fluted planters for a regal look or pails, old shoes and other odd and unexpected containers for a funky, offbeat look. Dig holes and place the containers in a plot of land, and your container garden will be indistinguishable from an actual garden bed. Stack your containers in pyramids or place them in a row up staircases for a fantastic cascade of flowers.

Wildflower Garden

Wildflower gardens mimic the natural look of a field in spring, bursting with blooms. Grow wildflowers and flowering shrubs in a random or random-looking arrangement to provide bright color and attract birds and butterflies to the garden. Add patches of ornamental grass and a few fruit trees to create a bright tribute to nature's fecundity.

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