How to Water Upside Down Tomatoes


Traditionally, tomatoes have been planted in gardens or large plant pots and allowed to grow naturally upwards. A newer method of growing tomatoes involves planting a tomato plant in a grow bag and hanging the bag upside down. This method eliminates the need for caging or staking tomato plants, for support, as gravity allows the plant to grow straight without aid.

Step 1

Water young tomato plants once every second day early in the growing season. Pour water into the top of the grow bag until the water begins to drip out the bottom, where the tomato plant emerges.

Step 2

Water mature tomato plants daily as the growing progresses. This ensures the larger plants receive enough water for their increased size and do not dehydrate in the summer heat.

Step 3

Test the grow bag occasionally to ensure the plants are receiving enough water. Lift the grow bag in one hand and note the weight of the bag.

Step 4

Increase the frequency of irrigation if the grow bag feels light in weight. This is an indication the tomato plant has already absorbed all the water in the soil. A heavy bag indicates the tomato plant has water reserves in the soil.


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