Calla Lily Centerpiece Ideas

Commonly used for weddings, calla lilies are available in a variety of colors including white, yellow, pink, peach, orange and purple at almost any time of the year. These beautiful flowers form elegant centerpieces that last five to six days after being cut. Arrange calla lilies to create an eye-catching centerpiece that fits your budget and blends with the theme of the occasion.

Floating Calla Lily Centerpiece

Thoroughly clean a round, medium-sized glass bowl and fill it two-thirds full of water. Cut excess stem length off the calla lilies, leaving 1 inch below each bloom, and arrange them in the bowl of water so they float. Use same-colored lilies for a uniform look, or mix different colors for a varied display. Place two to three scented floating candles in the bowl along with the lilies and light them for a simple yet classy centerpiece arrangement.

Submerged Calla Lily Centerpiece

The stems of calla lilies are versatile and bend easily to conform to a particular shape. Fill a small, round fishbowl with fresh water. Submerge three to four calla lilies in the bowl of water along with the stems, and arrange them in a circular pattern. If necessary, cut some stem length to ensure they fit better in the bowl. Position the blooms so they face upwards or towards the rim of the bowl.

Calla Lily Vase

Stick to a traditional but timeless floral arrangement that is simple to create. Pour water two-thirds of the way up a tall vase. Arrange long stemmed calla lilies in the vase, ensuring the blooms are at the same level. Snip excess stem length off, if necessary. Add several greenery stems around the outer edges of the vase to give the arrangement a fuller look, or use lilies alone.

Single Calla Lily Centerpiece

Lower a long-stemmed, white calla lily into a tall glass vase and add an even layer of white pebbles over the base. For a bolder look, alternate pebbles with colored marbles that reflect the theme of the occasion. Depending on personal taste, surround the lily with shorter, colored calla lilies for added appeal. Wind decorative ribbon around the vase and display in the center of the table.

Calla Lily Wreath

Weave pliable twigs to make a small wreath, or purchase one from a craft store. Intertwine the pliable stems of calla lilies in the wreath for a stunning centerpiece arrangement. Be careful not to handle the bloom too much, which may damage it. Lay the wreath in the center of the table, and surround it with similar-colored scented candles.

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