How to Make Compost Teas


Compost tea is an organic way to add nutrients to your garden or lawn. Created from regular garden compost, the tea is infused with nutrients that are immediately accessible to the plants. While there are many ways to make compost teas, the simplest method for the home gardener is non-aerated brewed tea. This method doesn't require an oxygen infusion into the tea, so no special equipment is necessary. You can quickly brew up a fresh batch of compost tea each time you need it.

Step 1

Fill a 5-gallon bucket with tap water. Set the uncovered bucket in a protected area for 24 hours so the chlorine evaporates out of the water.

Step 2

Fill a burlap bag or the leg from a pair of pantyhose with two cups of mature compost. Use garden compost or worm compost, depending on what you have available. Tie the bag closed and place it inside the bucket of water.

Step 3

Set the bucket out in a full sun area for three days. Stir the compost tea three times a day with an old broom handle or a paint stirrer.

Step 4

Remove the bag of compost on the third day. Add ¼ cup molasses or sugar to add further nutrients to the tea, and mix well.

Step 5

Fill a watering can with the compost tea mixture. Water plants, including the foliage and stems, with the compost tea. Alternately, place the tea into a garden sprayer and spray down the plants. Apply compost tea once every one to two weeks throughout the growing season.

Things You'll Need

  • Bucket
  • Burlap bag
  • Compost
  • 1/4 cup molasses or sugar
  • Watering can


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