Plants for Small Gardens

People who live in apartments or condominiums have no yards, and often have only a balcony or a terrace for a garden area. Even a condominium with a small yard only affords a tiny place to grow a garden. The "no room" problem is easily overcome by container gardening, or for a tiny spot of yard in a condo situation, smaller plants or plants that grow "up" provide lots of color for a garden.

Hanging Plants

Plants such as spider plants and other vining plants can be planted in hanging planters from a balcony roof or from walls. The hanging plants not only save space in a small garden area, but also give the garden height. The vines can be allowed to hang, or they can be trained around the hanging hardware for the basket. There are several different types of hanging baskets, including wire frame baskets with coconut mesh inserts. Choose your preference of hanging basket for added color or depth to the small garden.


There are several vegetables that can be grown in containers if you have only a small garden or a patio for a garden. Choose planters that are appropriate for the type of vegetable. Root vegetables such as carrots, potatoes and radishes need deeper pots. Herbs such as parsley and cilantro can be planted in window boxes on the patio, or in the case of a very small garden area, can be planted along the boundary line or along the side of the building. Vining vegetables with heavy crops are not options for a small garden, but beans and peas can be trained to climb a trellis.

Vine Plants

Vining plants, such as roses or honeysuckle can be trained to grow up a trellis in a small garden. If you have no choice other than containers, a larger container holding an appropriately-sized trellis can easily accommodate roses or honeysuckle. Ivies and clematis are also popular vining plants that readily grow up trellises, as does wisteria. Some vining plants are invasive, but are easy to keep in check in small gardens by pruning and training to grow on the trellis.

Shrubs and Small Trees

Many shrubs and small trees can be planted in containers for a small patio garden, or in the ground if you have a small garden area. Choose shrubs or small trees that favor pruning, such as boxwood shrubs or smaller fruit trees. In a small garden, the trees can be planted along the border of the property. In a garden that has only a patio, choose an appropriately sized container for the small tree or shrub.

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