How to Get Seeds From Morning Glory Plants


Morning Glory plants bloom in the morning as the sun comes up and will start to close later that same day. The plant has many different colored flowers, including a deep purple, yellow, pink, white and light purple. The vines grow upwards and attach to fences, home bricks and deck spindles. Plants that have nowhere to climb will spread out over the ground. Each year, you can harvest the seeds from the Morning Glory plants.

Step 1

Remove vines after the growing season and place them in a box. Hold the box under the vines as you are pulling them off of whatever the plant is attached to. The box will catch any seeds that drop off.

Step 2

Set the boxed vines in a basement until the winter months. When the vines are dry, the pods will start to open.

Step 3

Gently rub the pods between your fingers to open them enough so that the seeds fall out into the box. If there are some pods that don't easily open, leave those in the box for a few weeks and then try again.

Step 4

Remove the empty vines from the box. Place the seeds in a plastic container and keep in a dry, cool place until spring.

Tips and Warnings

  • Do not keep seeds longer than two years, because they might not germinate when planted. Keep the seeds out of the reach of children and pets; Morning Glory seeds have been used as a hallucinogenic agent, with effects similar to LSD, according to the eBasedPrevention website published by The Ohio Resource Network for Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Communities.

Things You'll Need

  • Box
  • Plastic container


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