Common Household Flowers

Flowering houseplants can add a touch of nature and bring fragrant scents into your home. Colorful blooms also brighten a home during cold dreary winters. Houseplants that require minimum care by not needing many waterings or direct sunlight can thrive inside a home. Before selecting your next indoor flowering plant, be sure that the conditions in your home fit its environmental needs.

African Violets

The African violet (Saintpaulia) is a popular houseplant that blooms flowers in colors of blue, purple, red, lavender, pink and white. The flowers of an African violet grow in a variety of shapes such as star-shaped, fringed and ruffled. When planting a violet, place it in well-drained, loose soil. Placing an African violet in direct sunlight will yellow and burn its leaves. Put the plant in a window that faces north or east. Turn the violet on occasion so every part of the plant receives sunlight. Putting an African violet in artificial light will also encourage it to bloom more.


Orchids (Oncidium) create a tropical-like environment for your home. When selecting an orchid, it is wise to select a more established plant. Established orchids bloom within a year. New orchid seedlings may take up to five years to bloom. Place an orchid in a window that faces the east or south. Light is an important factor in an orchid's growth. Without enough light, the leaves of an orchid will become yellowish-green. Water an orchid frequently and plant it in nutrient-rich soil. For the best growth results, be sure that its roots have plenty of air circulation


Kalanchoe (Kalanchoe blossfeldiana) is a perennial plant that is a succulent with dark green leaves and has flower blooms above its foliage. Its flowers bloom in colors of salmon, red, yellow and orange. Kalanchoe is small, reaching a growth of about one-foot tall. If placed outside, it also is an attraction for hummingbirds. Plant a kalanchoe in soil that is well drained and fertilize it only once per year. Place the plant in an area with partial sun and shade. It has a very high tolerance to drought and does not need to be watered often.

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