What Flowers To Use for Hanging

Flowering plants that hang, or trail, have been a mainstay in hanging baskets or planters, and window boxes. The variety and selection you have to choose from today is extensive compared to decades ago. Ideally, you should select hanging plants that are categorized as annuals because they will continue to bloom throughout the growing season.


Petunias are one of the most popular and easiest to grow flowering plants that hang and trail over the edge of containers. Petunias can be a single petal or a double petal, having full, ruffled blossoms that will remind you of carnations. The array of colors available for your hanging petunias range from shades of red, white, pink, purple and lavender to variegated petals that have white and a color. Mix or match a variety of petunias for any container in which you want a colorful, dense splash of color that will continue throughout the summer. Petunias prefer growing in full sun, though they will grow, with fewer blossoms, in partial shade. Deadheading spent blooms will benefit your petunia and help keep it in constant bloom.


If you want hanging flowering plants in a shaded location, then fuchsias are the perfect selection. Delicate looking flowers with a somewhat tropical look, the blossoms come in single or double petals and in color combinations of reds, purple, white, magenta and pink. Fuchsias thrive with moist soil and daily misting in drier climates. Prone to pest invasions of white flies, aphids and spider mites when placed where there is not good air ventilation and circulation, a general pesticide or a homemade spray (one part rubbing alcohol to three parts water) sprayed on the top and underside of leaves will eliminate the pests. Remove the fuchsia flowers as the blossom fades, before the seed pod develops, for continuous blooming.

Ivy Leaf Geraniums

Ivy leaf geraniums have become so popular that new varieties are continuously being developed and released to the gardener. The leaves, which can be solid or delightfully variegated, resemble leaves of English ivy--therefore, its name. It thrives in full sun, giving you an abundance of brightly colored clusters of flowers. In extreme heat, your ivy leaf geranium may wilt and the leaves may turn yellow. Unlike the common garden zonal geranium, ivy leaf geraniums trail magnificently over the edge of any container.

Tuberous Begonias

Tuberous begonias will give you showy flowers tumbling over the edge of your containers all summer long when you locate the container in a shady location. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, plant an interesting mix of tuberous begonias or stay with a single variety. Tuberous begonias need a constantly moist soil as they are not drought tolerant. Continue to fertilize your tuberous begonias throughout the growing season with a diluted balanced fertilizer for ongoing blooming.

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