Side Garden Ideas

A side garden is a garden that is placed along either side of a walkway or a driveway. They may also grow along wood lines and dwellings, or in small areas where one would not usually consider planting, due to space limitations. You can plant many kinds of plants along these areas, as well as other garden accents that will add appeal to the side garden. Remember to plant taller plants in the back of the garden space.

Butterfly Gardens

According to the Hallberg Butterfly Gardens website, the No. 1 threat to butterflies is habitat. You can combat this issue by planting one or more butterfly gardens on your property. Plant a butterfly garden along a walkway or other side garden, using nectar-providing plants. For example, adding a few butterfly bushes, as well as verbena with its purple flowers, will help to attract butterflies to a garden, as will asters and daylilies.

Hummingbird Garden

A garden created specifically to attract hummingbirds is another idea for a side garden. By adding bee balm and cardinal flower to a butterfly garden, as well as a few other specially selected plants, hummingbirds will visit the garden regularly. Hummingbird feeders will work well to keep these birds fed spring, summer and fall. Use a solution of 1 part sugar to 4 parts water for this purpose. Boil this solution and store the excess in the refrigerator in a canning jar.

Flower and Herb Gardens

Many other plants can be planted in side gardens with attractive results. For example, planting a wildflower mix in the area will provide a plethora of colors. Lilies and daisies make an appealing combination, as do marigolds and petunias. You can also plant groundcovers for a low-maintenance area. Try using geranium plants and moss. You can also use hedging, alone or in conjunction with flowers. If the side garden is near your kitchen, plant herbs. These will look attractive and provide fresh herbs for cooking. You can plant herbs among flowers, such as marigolds.

Landscaping and Accents

Adding decorative elements to a side garden will give it more appeal. Stepping stones and a bench along the edge of the garden will provide a place to sit. Place a planter on either side of the bench. If you want to attract birds, add bird baths and feeders as well as birdhouses. Placing some of the plants in containers, or in raised beds created with rocks, will add height and visual interest to the side garden. Try placing small planters of flowers around the front of a larger planter filled with herbs. Or, line the smaller planters in front of a hedge or two. Decorative accents, such as garden sculptures, placed here and there throughout the garden area, will add a special touch to the area, as will a small wheelbarrow planter. Or add a well or barrel planter.

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