Flowers for July

July is a colorful season for flower gardens as many plants begin their summertime bloom. Several different annuals and perennials such as marigolds and begonias line flowerbeds as homeowners and gardeners enjoy the fruit of their labor. Picking and arranging flowers in their peak bloom is crucial whether you are hunting for the best flowers for a summer wedding or just wants to create an eye-catching July flower bouquet.

Black Eyed Susan

The black-eyed Susan, noted for its brilliant yellow petals and deep brown center, is a popular wildflower in peak bloom during the month of July. This tall, upright flower is an annual in most regions and a fleeting perennial at best. Busy and beginner gardeners love the easy maintenance of this flower, as it can handle a little neglect. The black-eyed Susan does well in most soils and enjoys full sun exposure, making it a candidate for those parts of the garden that receive a lot of summertime heat.


Marigolds have long been a favorite of flower gardeners for their fine beauty and ease of care. Blooming in a wide range of shades from yellow and orange to red and even white, the marigold plays many roles for landscape designers. For optimum bloom, marigolds prefer well-drained soil with organic matter and full sun exposure. The marigold is an annual flower that will bloom all summer long, making it a unforgettable flower for July.


Petunias are a well-known and popular summer throughout many regions. This dainty annual prefers sun but does well in partial shade as well. Petunias come in a wide range of colors and shades such as white, red, yellow and purple. They are often utilized as a border flower in many landscapes. Their durability and reliability as a summer blooming flower make them a favorite for gardeners of all levels. Note that petunias are prone to over-watering and can actually tolerate a drier soil.


The begonia is another July blooming flower that, like the petunia, serves as an excellent container or border flower. Begonias grow best in partial shade with well draining soil and may wither or burn from intense heat and light. There are numerous varieties of begonias with shades coming in practically every color from white, orange, pink, apricot and yellow. This perennial is attractive when planted in mass or along window boxes. The versatility of the begonia makes it a favorite for many.

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