Natural Home Remedies for Killing Fruit Flies

Not only is fresh fruit a source of many vitamins for you, it can also provide nourishment for pesky fruit flies. The small, red-eyed, yellow-bodied insect will seek out overly ripe or rotting fruit in bowls, drains and even garbage cans. Beyond routinely inspecting the condition of fresh fruit and removing any fruit that is overripe or damaged, there are some additional natural measures homeowners can take to get rid of fruit flies.


Lavender or lavender oil can be used to deter fruit flies. One option is to hang a bunch of the herb nearby an open window or close to a door. Alternatively, fill a saucer with lavender oil and allow a sponge to soak up the oil, giving the flies a place to rest, which can be easily discarded. Basil is also effective at reducing fruit fly populations. Place a pot of the herb where the flies frequent.

Soaps and Disinfectants

According to online resource Planet Natural, bar soap that is dry and shaved can be sprinkled onto infested surfaces or areas to repel fruit flies. Transfer common rubbing alcohol to a spray bottle and spray a fine mist into the area that contains fruit flies.

Homemade Strips and Traps

Make fly homemade fly traps with brown paper grocery bags and some common pantry staples. Boil equal parts of corn syrup, sugar and water to create a sticky solution. When the solution cools, spread it onto the grocery bags, cut to size and hang near windows and doors. Recycle narrow-necked wine bottles for an inexpensive trap. Place an overly sweet item like mango peels into the bottom of the container, which will attract the flies inside. The site Grandma's Home Remedies suggests mixing a combination of white wine and liquid dish detergent and pouring it onto a saucer. The concoction causes a deadly condition in the pests called "gut rot."

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