How to Get Rid of Asian Beetles


The Asian beetle (H. axyridis) looks very similar to a ladybug, but is slightly larger. It is a beneficial insect that eats aphids, scales and other garden pests, but in many regions of the nation, Asian beetles have become a household pest. The United States released several waves of Asian beetles to aid in insect control throughout the nation in the 1980s, but the beetles' numbers have rapidly increased to pest proportions. The bugs collect by the thousands on the sides of light-colored buildings, in attics and wall voids. The insects exude a yellow substance that smells unpleasant. Many humans suffer severe allergies to the beetles.

Step 1

Place live UV Asian beetle traps around the house or in areas where Asian beetles congregate. The beetles will be attracted to a pheromone that the trap contains and also by the light source. Once the Asian beetle enters the trap, it cannot leave. The home owner can easily relocate the Asian beetles outside to a more suitable location. The UV/pheromone traps last up to four weeks. If a homeowner does not wish to relocate the beetles outside to a suitable area, then the trap can be emptied into a pan of 75 percent water and 25 percent dish detergent, which will kill the beetles.

Step 2

Choose sunny window ledges to place glue traps. A glue trap will capture numerous Asian beetles as they pass across the glue. Once the trap is filled with beetles, simply dispose of it.

Step 3

Seal all external cracks that the beetles may be using to gain entrance to a home or other structure. Most cracks can be found around windows, doors, behind baseboards, lights, exhaust fans and furnace vents. All of these locations are ideal areas that allow the Asian beetle to gain access to a home. Seal the cracks using a suitable type of caulk for each area and a caulking gun. Follow the instructions on the caulk label for application instructions.

Step 4

Set off a fogger that contains CB80, which is a pyrethrum-based aerosol. Follow the directions on the fogger to set it off, because each fogger brand has a slightly different trigger method. Most foggers take two to three hours to work. The fogger will kill large numbers of beetles, which can then be vacuumed up and disposed of.

Step 5

Vacuum up live Asian beetles and then dispose of them outside. Most will remain alive through the vacuum process and suffer no ill effects if promptly released. If allowed to die in the vacuum bag or container, they will eventually emit a foul odor.

Step 6

Paint the house and exterior building in dark colors. Asian beetles only accumulate on, around and in light-colored buildings. The beetles will avoid darker colors.

Things You'll Need

  • Live UV/pheromone traps
  • Insect glue traps
  • Household caulking
  • Caulking gun
  • Fogger with a CB80 pyrethrum base
  • Vacuum
  • Light-colored paint
  • Pan
  • Dish soap


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