How Do I Get an Amaryllis to Rebloom?


The amaryllis is generally part of home winter decoration. After the flower has bloomed there is no need to discard the bulb, as there is still plenty of life in the large, flowering plant. In many cases there is no special equipment required for helping the amaryllis rebloom. In some areas around the country the amaryllis bulb can be transferred outdoors and grown seasonally.

Step 1

Water the plant to keep it moist throughout the blooming season. Avoid getting water on the exposed bulb portion of the plant when watering.

Step 2

Cut the flower stalk back to the top of the bulb, using scissors after the last bloom has faded.

Step 3

Place the amaryllis in a brightly sunlit window. Keep the bulb well watered and fertilized throughout the summer months. Follow label directions on the fertilizer package for feeding plant bulbs.

Step 4

Force the bulb into dormancy by withholding water from the plant in the early fall. After six to eight weeks, resume watering and place the plant in a well-lit window area that is warm. New growth will resume in approximately three weeks, with blooms soon after.

Things You'll Need

  • Scissors
  • Water-soluble fertilizer for flowers


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